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Your Child.

If your child has a developmental condition due to an illness, injury or congenital cause, he or she would likely benefit from pediatric therapy services. Team Care combines our resources and expertise in physical, occupational and speech therapy to help your child reach their full potential. We have nearly two decades of experience treating pediatric patients in San Antonio. Our licensed therapists are specially trained to develop a plan of care tailored to your child’s unique needs that will help them achieve greater success in school and increase their confidence.

If you are a pediatrician, you can refer your patients to us confident in their improved mobility and independence thanks to our coordinated, evidence-based approach. If you are a parent, know that we will bring all our experience to bear for the best results for your child. We have bilingual therapists if needed,
and our speech language pathologist is VitalStim certified.

To get started with our pediatric rehabilitation services, contact our main office by emailing or calling 210-691-0039.

Our therapists will work together to achieve the following goals:

– Developmental milestones, such as rolling, sitting or crawling
– Proper gait mechanics
– Muscular strengthening
– Visual-motor and perceptual skills
– Self-care activities, such as bathing, grooming and dressing
– Strong oral motor skills for speech and swallowing
– Independence with communication

Physical Therapy

Team Care’s licensed physical therapists are knowledgeable and experienced in creating a customized plan of care to optimize a patient’s mobility, relieve pain and restore functions. They practice highly effective, research-based recovery exercises to treat a variety of impairments, from minor conditions to chronic illnesses or severe injuries.

Our physical therapy rehabilitation focuses on:

– Gross motor development
– Strength/Endurance
– Posture Control
– Gait training
– Neuromuscular issues
– Musculo-skeletal conditions
– Pain management
– Orthotics

Occupational Therapy

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The goal of occupational therapy is to help patients build the strength and cognitive skills they need to perform everyday activities, especially after a stroke or brain injury. After completing a thorough evaluation, our licensed occupational therapists lean on their years of hands-on experience and creative thinking to restore a patient’s ability to live independently.

Our occupational therapy rehabilitation focuses on:

– Sensory integration
– Upper extremity strength
– Adaptive equipment
– Fine motor / hand skill development
– Play / socialization
– Balance issues
– Self-care needs

Speech Therapy

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Our VitalStim certified speech pathologists bring an exceptional level of experience and expertise to restore a patient’s ability to communicate, swallow and problem solve. They emphasize building strong relationships with the patient to develop the most personalized treatment plan and inspire confidence through encouragement.

Our speech therapy rehabilitation focuses on:

– Receptive / expressive language skills
– Articulation
– Feeding skills
– Swallowing disorders
– Voice / fluency
– Oral motor control

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